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Embodying Reality

Currently I'm traveling in North America as a tree giving lumberjack. Where I'm on a journey of discovery to the world's oldest living trees and forests.


The most recent updates you can read by following this link to the Substack. This page is about the intention of the journey.

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The world is on fire

With an old fire truck I travel the world and discover ways to (re)connect with reality.

Climate, soil, water, food, justice.

It’s time to act.

Doing more of what we have done won’t bring the acceleration we need.

The fastest way to get there is going slow.


Ancient Ecology as a guide

A living being witnessing millennia of human history.

The world is full of them: ancient trees and forests.

For years, decades, centuries and sometimes millennia on end, they look after their environment through constant adaptation, giving and receiving, death and rebirth.

They are the Earths great connectors.

It’s a humbling experience to be with them.


A healing paradigm

As a healer I work internationally with the energies of human bodies and nature.

Healing happens when a paradigm matches reality.

It can be rough and confronting. In the end, healing brings more life into the process.

Ceremony has a similar quality. In ceremony people enter an awareness that is bigger then their own perspective.

The best travel companion; Fynn.

Growing global consciousness

Old trees and forests have a deep connection with humans.

Without a specific human culture surrounding the tree or forest

it would probably not exist anymore.

In a world full of people everything lives by

the grace, or wrath, of the dominant paradigm.

Oud bomen.jpg
My travel plan in one picture

Follow that source of natural energy


In Sicily, Italy, I found this wooden sign in a thousand year old olive tree. It was on an olive plantage with dozens of other millennia old trees.

The texts translates with:

You are in a unique environment and

its protection is also your responsibility.

Make your ego silent and

follow that source of natural energy.

Pay attention in becoming aware

of the emotions that come up and follow them.

Make space in the temple of your spirit.

You will feel the echo of your inner freedom.

Taken by the hand by the thousand year old witnesses.

Silence therapy.

Listening is an unlimited gift.

Allow yourself a small retreat

A moment of calm

that allows you to cancel the restlessness and

go in the depth of yourself,

rediscovering the essential.

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