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Embodying Reality

- a new paradigm for sustainability -

"The book really helped me to understand
what is happening in the world and what I'm to do."

Walking in two worlds

People live in two worlds: one is reality, the other is our imagined reality. In reality, we have the planet, people, life and death. In our imagined reality, we have countries, companies, the economy and social media. Reality is real by itself, our imagined reality is not: we make it real. Distinguishing the two sounds easy, but they both intertwine like facts and opinions in a political debate.

Distinguishing the two becomes increasingly important because the modern world organizes itself backwards. We organize as if our imagined reality is more important than reality itself. We do everything we can to maintain our imagined reality while exploiting reality itself in order to preserve it. The acceleration sustainability so desperately needs will come when we start to prioritize reality over our stories about reality. Moving from convincing to healing; a new paradigm for sustainability.

"The best book I've read so far about the key to a sustainable and just world."


Language: English

Pages: 214

Bind: paperback

Print: first

Publisher: Animi Partners

Writer: Casper Stubbé

First appearance: November 2022

Design: Haags bureau

Printer: InstaSpark

ISBN: 978-90-831859-3-4

Available on all platforms and stores (Globally)

"The first time I read it was very good.

The second time it was f***ing good."

The Journey

My question for readers is:

what comes naturally to you when you read the book?
With every reader, it is something different.

For me, a journey has been set in motion. I now live in an old fire truck and drive to the oldest living trees and forests in the world. To do ceremony and get better at seeing the whole before the parts.

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